Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012


"Israel should no be bowing to the Vatican, as the Jewish State is admirably committed to protecting the holy sites of all religions and guaranteeing the right of worship for all faiths. However, instead of saying 'keep your hands off Jerusalem, it’s not for sale,' the Israeli government accepted the Vatican’s ransom request.
In the long term, the gesture will increase tensions between Jews and the tremendously large assets of the Vatican. The Holy See has long been working to reduce Jewish rights in Jerusalem and in the Old City. Now, after the Muslim Waqf authority expelled the Christians from the site and turned it into a mosque, it’s the turn of the Vatican to lay its hands on the Jewish Jerusalem. The goal is to ensure that a Jew will not set foot in the heart of Jerusalem, as was the case before 1967. Israel, tell them no with a capital N. Vatican't."
Journalist Giulio Meotti kritisiert für Ynet-News (4. Februar) die jüngste Einigung zwischen Israel und dem Vatikan über die Nutzung des Abendmahlssaales als christliche Übernahme.

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