Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Vor allem bescheuert

"The Jews have proved once again that they are the most pious Christians on earth. The hospitalization services they offered voluntarily to the granddaughter of one of their greatest enemies puts them at a level of papal righteousness. Grandpa Ismail Haniyeh plans a great Palestine from the sea to the river, a Palestine free of Jews – but the Jews themselves refuse to be petty and are attending to his little offspring, Amal. Someone in the Health Ministry or in perhaps the Foreign Ministry may have seen this as a golden opportunity to expose our beautiful face to the world: Look how good we are. Well, we're neither good nor beautiful; we're mostly stupid."
Hagai Segal in einem Kommentar für die Internetzeitung "Ynet-News" (20. November) zur Tatsache, dass Hamas-Premierminister Ismail Haniyeh seine schwer erkrankte einjährige Enkelin in einem Krankenhaus des "Erzfeinds Israel" behandeln liess

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