Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014

only humans

"The prime minister declared that "the three youths were kidnapped and killed in cold blood by 'human animals.'" This image is not an original concoction of his own imagination. Many choose to label cold-blooded killers that way. However, in this case he is unfortunately mistaken.
The real horror that must be announced in a clear and unparalleled sad voice is that the murderers were humans, simply and only humans. Like me and like you. Humans murder humans in twisted fashions that are unfortunately easy to conceive.
Animals (as far as we know) do not have belief systems and ideologies, and when they kill they do so for revealed, simple, and immediate reasons. Animals did not develop weapons technologies. Animals did not invent the atomic bomb, "honor killings," pits for mass murder graves, racism, genocide or gas chambers. They were all created by humans. We created all these things."
Ruchama Weiss in einem Meinungsbeitrag für Ynet-News (7. Juli)

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