Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Happy Election day

"Is not voting an option? Is it an act of protest that will make a mark? At least it lets us maintain our self-respect. At least then we’ll know that we weren’t puppets on a string, fools unaware of the circumstances of our ridiculous lives. On the other hand, elections have become a ritual, like the Passover seder – something you have to participate in, even if you’re not overjoyed about it, without believing in the blessings, but rather to derive a measure of satisfaction from the tradition. Happy Election Day."
Rogel Alpher im Kommentar "Wählen gehen und sich wie ein Idiot fühlen" (Haaretz, 15. März). Wahlen in Israel seien längst kein Instrument des Wandels mehr, so Alpher.

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