Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015


"But Breaking the Silence violated the greatest taboo of all: It broke the “code of loyalty” to the lie and thereby created a historic precedent that hasn’t sat well in the belly of the nation, which was educated to blind faith in the sanctity of the army and the purity of its arms. For in a place where the priests of security can do no wrong and the holy vessels in uniform wear the sign of supreme morality around their necks, then even when they kill innocents, not even a shadow of a doubt about their purity can exist. Yet even so, Breaking the Silence, which sought to serve as a cleansing agent for the dark corners that the army carefully hid, has suffered far more than it bargained for."
Haaretz-Korrespondent Zvi Bar'el zu den Bestrebungen von Bildungs- und Verteidigungsminister, den Einfluss der Gruppe "Breaking the Silence" einzuschränken (Haaretz, 16. Dezember)

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