Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012


"Just as there was no need in the past to label merchandise from the British colonies as British products, so there is no need to mark products from Israel's colonies as Israeli. Anyone who wants to support the Israeli colonial enterprise can buy them; those who are opposed can boycott them. As simple as that, and as necessary. Israel, which boycotts Turkey's beaches and Hamas, should have been the first to understand that. Instead we have heard heart-rending cries and angry rebukes (…) A boycott of goods from the settlements is a justified boycott, and there is no other way to define it. Labeling these products is the minimum demand that every government in the world should make, as a service to its citizens."
Gideon Levy in einem Haaretz-Beitrag (24. Mai) zum Entscheid Dänemarks und Südafrikas, Produkte aus israelischen Westbank-Siedlungen als solche zu kennzeichnen

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