Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Staub zu Staub

"There is a saying by Gromyko, who was the foreign minister of the Soviet Union: 'Peace is indivisible.' My goal is not to make peace between us and the Palestinians. That is the result. Peace between a man and his fellow man, between a nation and its neighbor is all a kind of mental adjustment, a decision of the soul, which wants to move to the side of peace. It is necessary to purify the Jewish religion (…) From idol worship. From egoism. I feel that there is something very, very deep in the love between man and land. That has always been my image. Man is made from dust and to dust he will return. The connection between man and his land is the connection to his life source. That connection can derive from love or it can derive from possessiveness: meaning that you want to be the owner of the land, to control it. Instead of being swallowed up in your wife, you want to be the owner of your wife."
Rabbiner Menachem Froman im Interview mit Haaretz (20. Juli)

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