Montag, 16. April 2012

Kebabs, Kirchen, Hummus

"Let’s assume that hundreds of people characterizing themselves as pro-Palestinian peace activists would have arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport from all over the world. Let’s assume that they would have undergone the required screening and then continued by bus to Bethlehem, which is under Palestinian Authority control in any case.
And then what? They would have joined rallies, delivered speeches, lit torches and marched. That is, they would have undertaken the customary ceremonies in such cases, before heading to various city hotels and going to sleep. What else can unarmed Europeans stuck in a small Judea and Samaria town do? The next day they would have visited some churches, ate kebabs and hummus, and in the absence of action would have likely returned to their home countries."
Yakir Elkariv in einem Kommentar (Ynet-News, 15. April) über den israelischen Umgang mit der propalästinensischen "Flytilla"-Kampagne

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