Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Knesset, not the beit knesset

"If I were prime minister I would feel very uneasy these days. Something is wrong, I would tell myself on Independence Day, the day of national spiritual stocktaking. Having no other choice, I would close myself off from the world and think. I would conclude that the first State of Israel was fading on my watch. Nothing is as it was (…)
The status quo has not been static for a long time now. It's dynamic and moving in one direction: toward religiosity, not necessarily religiosity of the pleasant kind. Despite my great respect for tradition and heritage - the heritage of my father's house - I am bound to a human sovereign to whom the rabbi must be subordinate, too. The sole source of consensual authority must be the Knesset, not the beit knesset, the synagogue."
Avraham Burg in Haaretz (25. April) anlässlich des israelischen Nationalfeiertags

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