Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011


"One Israeli soldier for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. This equation has fostered more or less the following logic: The life of an Israeli is more valuable than that of a Palestinian. How much more valuable? Much more. In fact, 1,027 times more valuable (...) As it turns out, such price lists and equations reflect the Israeli consciousness and what's inside. In the Israeli consciousness, the relation between the life of a Palestinian and the value of a Jewish Israeli is derived with mathematical certainty, 1:1,027, meaning that an Israeli life is as important as that of 1,027 Palestinians. This equation derives from the way we, not Hamas, view reality: 1,027 Palestinians are worth one Jewish life not because the Palestinians minimize the importance of their own lives, but because we diminish the value of their lives. This is a mirror image of the prejudice we Israelis harbor and which has enabled the immoral activities we have sponsored for dozens of years (...) The Shalit deal is, in fact, a public display of Israel's racist price index. The ceremony occurs every few years, and the index is designed to update the market values of the region's various races. As of October 2011, in the Israeli market, the price of one Jew equals 1,027 Arabs. And the price increases every day."
Alon Idan über den Austausch von Gilad Shalit gegen 1.027 palästinensische Gefangene, Haaretz, 29. Oktober

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