Montag, 5. Dezember 2011


"Why do many of the ultra-orthodox not understand that the attempt to suppress women – suppress their voice, the way they look, their presence in public life – is liable to cause most of the Israeli public (including the religious and many ultra-orthodox) to go crazy?  Because we did not tell them – in a loud and clear voice – that it is sacred to us.  It is not just another small and aggravating abuse to which we have already become accustomed to.  The State of Israel will not exist, cannot exist, must not exist – to the exclusion of women from public life.  The ultra-orthodox must know that they are playing with fire.  Women's equality is sacred to Israel, and with what is sacred to Israel, no one can play with."
Kommentar der Tageszeitung Yediot Ahranot (5. Dezember)

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