Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Oh God

"Ten months after the great Arab uprising began, the picture is clear - Allah won. The Google boys are gone. The liberal intellectuals are gone. Those who promised us liberty, equality and fraternity are gone. We didn't get the American Revolution of 1776 or the French Revolution of 1789. We didn't even get Eastern Europe's Velvet Revolution of 1989. The Arab revolution of 2011 is a religious revolution. The power replacing the secular dictatorships of the corrupt Arab officers is Islam. No Martin Luther King is on the horizon, no Mahatma Gandhi and no Vaclav Havel (...)
But Allah is not alone. The mighty God of Israel is also coming back. He is back in the edict that a firing squad is better than women singing. He is back in the ban on displaying women's pictures in public; in the segregation between male and female in every public place. Jewish fanatics are launching a frontal attack on the minority, the individual and human rights. They are beleaguering the Supreme Court, the free media and open society (...) While Arab modernity is collapsing, Israeli modernity is cracking. God is back. God is spewing sparks. Oh God."
Ari Shavit in einem Haaretz-Kommentar (1. Dezember)

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