Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

"No way"

"So this is the time to tell you, dear seculars – forget about it. Let us be. Give it up. Forget about it, because there is no chance whatsoever that any kind of yeshiva boy will be heading to the draft office the day Israel’s government announces a haredi draft. It won’t happen, and we can assume that you too, deep in your heart, are aware of this fact (…)After all you too, dear seculars, are aware that the day a decision is taken on the forced draft of haredim, hundreds of thousands of them will hit the streets in demonstrations that will make the social protest look like an elementary school reunion. All our police forces will be preoccupied with dispersing the haredi Torah soldiers and clearing their hats from town squares."
Eliezer Hayon befindet im Meinungsbeitrag "Haredi service? No way", Ynet-News (27. Juni), die Diskussion um die Einberufung ultraorthodoxer Soldaten sei auf dem besten Weg zu einer Explosion

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