Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Divided into "ghettos"

"However, the question here is: Is the situation in Lebanon that worrying?! Does the situation facing Christians in the Middle East frighten the Vatican? The simple answer is: Yes, the 'Lebanese peoples' are living in the midst of a disquieting situation. The 'Lebanese peoples' are afraid of one another and of their surroundings (…) The pope’s visit is intended to reassure Christian sects, but who will reassure Muslim sects that are also living in the heart of these horrific events? Each sect is fearful of the other and at the same time they intimidate one another! The fear factor has alienated areas from each other. Beirut is no longer a city for all Lebanese, or the capital of every Lebanese citizen. Beirut has become divided into 'ghettos.'"
Talal Salman in einem Kommentar zum bevorstehenden Libanonbesuch von Papst Benedikt XVI. und der instabilen Lage im Libanon und der Region (4. September)

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