Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Assad vor Netanyahu

"It is amazing how lacking in vision are the Israelis, who, time after time, cast their votes for those who have proved that they do us nothing but bad. Even Arab dictators moved aside when a smaller percentage, relative to the size of the population in their countries, took to the streets to protest against them as was done in our country in the summer. Only here, in the sole democracy in the Middle East, do the citizens bark while the prime minister's caravan, with its scandalous sirens and funding of trips abroad, goes on its merry way. At this rate, even Syrian President Bashar Assad is likely to go home before Netanyahu."
Es ist kein göttliches Dekret, dass Netanyahu erneut zum Premierminister gewählt warden muss, kommentiert Merav Michaeli für Haaretz (9. Januar). Es gebe diverse Alternativen, und "every one of them is better than the destructive mantra that nothing can be done and that Netanyahu will be prime minister once again".

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