Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012


"It's a new year; it's 2012. The year section of the date on my phone, my computer and my wall calendar has changed. I've already written one check incorrectly and the year's barely more than a day old. Simply put, we had New Year's Eve here in Israel, and then it was New Year's Day, and now it is a whole new year. You'd be forgiven for not having noticed that though, as it was a pretty quiet celebration here in Israel. You see, Israel's theocrats don't want you to know that it's a new year, because that's not kosher (...)
The ridiculous thing is that Jews all over the world over celebrate New Year's with gusto and joy, without compromising their Jewishness at all (...) In the meantime, we'll just keep on pretending that this isn't a problem and keep our New Year's celebrations low-key. And we won't call it New Year's, because that detracts from Rosh Hashanna; we'll call it Sylvester, because naming it after a canonized Pope is much more Jewish.
Josh Mintz in einem Haaretz-Beitrag (2. Januar)

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