Donnerstag, 6. November 2014

Blind date mit Jerusalem

"The myth was wrong even before the paratroopers got to the Western Wall in June 1967. It was already wrong before the war, when Naomi Shemer's song 'Jerusalem of Gold' described the Old City as being empty, waiting for the Jewish people to come back to it.
But the city isn't the myth. It's entirely more human, complicated and contradictory, which is its real beauty. If someone set you up with a blind date who was supposedly an enchanted princess or prince and a real person showed up, please, be angry with the matchmaker and with yourself for believing nonsense. It's not the date's fault."
Gershom Gorenberg in seiner Liebeserklärung an Jerusalem "How to love the real Jerusalem" (Haaretz, 6. November). Die Verachtung, Israels Linke Jerusalem entgegenbringe, sei der Grund, warum es ihr nicht gelinge, mehr Israelis im Kampf gegen die Besatzung zu vereinen.

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