Freitag, 7. November 2014

Joint Intifada

"Jerusalem does need an intifada however. It needs the young generation of secular and modern Orthodox and Haredi and Palestinian communities to get together and demand that both sides stop treating the city as a hostage to political fortune. It needs an intifada of shared radical protests for affordable housing, decent schools and employment (...)
Jerusalem can’t wait. The only hope for the city is for its residents to get together, ignore their politicians and begin to work on a joint future. The politicians on all sides have failed our city. Maybe one day they will get around to marking borders and solving sovereignty issues; meanwhile, we have to live here."
Wenn es keinen politischen Willen für eine endgültige Lösung gibt, könnte man wenigstens damit anfangen, sich zusammen für ein besseres Funktionieren Jerusalems einzusetzen, findet Anshel Pfeffer (Haaretz, 7. November)

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