Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Not the only player

"In order to understand what is happening here one must recognize the fact that these extreme acts of violence are not disconnected from, say, the cabinet’s recent decision to support automatically extending Israeli law to settlements in the West Bank. These acts of violence are not disconnected from the decision to forbid Palestinians from riding on the same buses as settlers. They are not disconnected from contingency plans for the expropriation of thousands of acres of land in the West Bank in order to pave apartheid roads, from allowing settlers to take over Palestinian homes or from the collective punishment imposed on residents of East Jerusalem.
Making these connections is in no way intended to justify today’s stabbing attack, or any other act of violence. But making these connections allows us to understand a crucial point: Israel cannot continue to act as if it is the only player in the game, while at best totally ignoring the Palestinian side and at worst continuing to oppress and dispossess, all the while expecting everything to be business as usual. If the rules of the game as they are written by Israel are 'take all you can' – through land expropriation, settlement building and legislation — then the Palestinian version will be 'strike back as hard as you can.' This, of course, is a disastrous course for both sides."
Orly Noy prophezeit Israel und Palästina gemeinsamen Untergang oder gemeinsame Rettung (+972-Magazin, 11. November)

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