Sonntag, 9. November 2014

the language we speak

"In keeping silent in the days leading up to murder of Rabin we had sinned. (...) Almost two decades have past since, but violence has not desisted. It's inside us, rearing its head and towering over us, claiming its place. (...) Violence is present not just at schools, on social media and on football pitches: it's inside us. It's in the language we speak, our choice of words, manner of arguing, in our inability to lend an ear."
Die Sprache der Gewalt reisse Israel in den Abgrund, beklagte Präsident Reuven Rivlin am Samstag bei einer Gedenkveranstaltung für den 1995 ermordeten Premierminister Jitzhak Rabin (i24-news, 8. November)

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