Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Arabischer Frühling oder Hüttenkäse

"The revolutions that have swept the Arab world in recent months have highlighted the Israeli public's political apathy. While our neighbors have taken to the streets and even risked their lives to call for their corrupt regimes' downfall, Israelis have continued with business as usual. Few have protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's failed policies, the diplomatic stalemate, Israel's international isolation or settlement expansion.
But now it turns out that the Israeli public, too, can be stirred, if the catalyst is in the refrigerator. Many people have joined a Facebook protest against the increase in cottage cheese prices. The protest has attracted wide media attention, and the politicians have rushed to join the campaign, each as he sees fit."
Die Tageszeitung Haaretz wünscht sich in ihrem Editorial (19. Juni), die Israelis mögen sich doch um mehr sorgen als um den Preis von Hüttenkäse

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