Montag, 27. Juni 2011


"The term 'flotilla' is understood in Israel as a declaration of war (…) The government seems to be as frightened of the flotilla as one would think it would be of an attack by an armed naval fleet. It is preparing to keep the ships from reaching the Gaza coast as though it were preparing to fight an enemy seeking to infringe on Israeli sovereignty. It appears that even though a year has passed since the first flotilla fiasco, Israel is showing that it has learned just one lesson: the military lesson (…) A less fearful country would certainly have offered even to go as far as escorting the flotilla to the Gaza coast. From Israel, we can at least demand that it let the flotilla get through to the Gaza Strip without once again endangering the country's position in the world."
Haaretz in ihrem Editorial "Let the flotilla go" (27. Juni)

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