Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

"Pretending to be glad"

"Jerusalem Day is an artificial celebration, which only the religious Zionist movement, settlers, workers on an organized outing, the president, the mayor and Channel 1 bother celebrating in a big way. Most people in Israel don't even know, and don't care, why it even exists. (…) Ever since Jerusalem became a city that was compacted together 44 years ago, there have been few reasons to celebrate, and this year, fewer than ever. Jerusalem 2011 is a sad city pretending to be glad. (…) Even before this, Jerusalem was no bed of roses. But in recent years is has become a bed of thorns."
Alle Festivals und Aktivitäten könnten die Diskriminierungen und den Verfall Jerusalems nicht überdecken, meint Yossi Sarid in seinem Haaretz-Kommentar zum  "Jerusalem Day" (1. Juni)

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