Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Nicht genug Hass?

"In the past, we could always count on a regular stream of anti-Semitic events to maintain Jewish affiliation and identity. Today, 'they' aren’t hating us enough, or at least consistently enough, to generate on their own a Jewish identity and sense of belonging. One of the primary factors for example, for the increase in intermarriage is not to be found only in a weakening of Jewish identity, but in the fact that today, for the first time in two millennia, non-Jews are open to considering marrying a Jew (…) In a world which is open and respectful to both Jews and Judaism, we have lost an invaluable safety net which would ensure Jews’ connection to Judaism, our people and Israel, even in the face of a lack of a positive commitment and motivation on their part."
Der israelische Rabbiner Donnel Hartman in seinem Blogeintrag "Judaism is Not a Twitter-able Religion" (26. Juni)

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