Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Demokratischer Stolz

"It was unbearable hypocrisy. The prime minister is mistaken and misleading, and it's a disgrace that members of Congress applauded him. The prime minister chose to compare democracy in Israel to the Arab world. But if he is so proud of democracy in Israel, then why doesn't he compare it to democracy in Canada or in Sweden or in Switzerland? (…) Don't compare me to Libya and Sudan; compare me to Switzerland and Canada, where no one questions the right of someone else to voice an opinion; I agree that when it comes to freedom of expression, there's a huge difference between Israel and the Arab countries.
But let's look at it another way: Is there a democratic country in the world where there are unrecognized villages? In Israel there are. Is there a country in the world where there are laws that allow for admissions committees to prevent citizens from living in certain communities? In Israel there are. Is there a country with a true democracy where a bill like the Nakba Law can be passed or where citizenship can be revoked, including citizenship of tens of thousands of Palestinians from East Jerusalem? Is there a democratic state that rules over another people as Israel does over the Palestinians?"
Omar Nasser, Bürgermeister von Arabeh, im Interview mit Haaretz (26. Mai) zur Aussage Benjamin Netanyahus, Araber lebten nirgends so gut wie in Israel

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