Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Herz der Nation

"Forty-four years ago the city was unified and we returned to the places of our forefathers. Since then, Jerusalem has flourished; both the city center and outlaying areas. Today we will strengthen it and we will assist its residents. Today, the Cabinet will pass decisions to invest approximately NIS 400 million in infrastructures, tourism and bio-technology. We want to turn Jerusalem into a global bio-technology center. We will provide study grants and scholarships for discharged soldiers in Jerusalem. We will rehabilitate heritage sites that are important to the State of Israel and our people. The Government and the people are bound as one to build up Jerusalem, the heart of the nation, and this commitment to Jerusalem 'that is bound together' [Psalm 122:3], is one of the foundations of the unity of the Jewish People."
Israels Ministerpräsident Benjamin Netanayahu zu Beginn der wöchentlichen Kabinettsitzung (29. Mai), in der ein millionenschwerer Mehrjahresplan zur wirtschaftlichen, touristischen und akademischen Förderung Jerusalems beschlossen wurde

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