Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

in a bubble

"Are our economic problems a result of the absence of peace? If we continue with the peculiar version of 'Zionism' that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu represents, are things bound to get worse? Yes. Hell, yes (...) Without peace, in short, the 'start-up nation' is bound to run down. And the marches prove that the young of Tel Aviv − with global experiences and cosmopolitan instincts − do not live in a bubble. It is Netanyahu and the right, settlers and the Orthodox and Russian Putinists, who live in a bubble. God willing, the streets of Tel Aviv will burst it even before the streets of Ramallah do."
Die Atmosphäre auf dem Planeten Netanyahu lasse uns "allmählich ersticken", schreibt der an der Hebräischen Universität lehrende Ökonom Bernard Avishai in einem Haaretz-Beitrag (5. August) über die Protestmärsche in Tel Aviv und anderen israelischen Städten

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