Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

"Israels Kernschmelze"

"The settlers are like the nuclear power station in Fukushima – a grandly built project of huge proportions, which was set up in the wrong place on the basis of false assumptions. The builders of the Japanese power station didn't take into account that one day the earth would quake and register a 9.0 magnitude on the Richter scale. Nor did the settlement builders. The Japanese power station builders didn't take into account that one day the tsunami would strike it. Nor did the settlements' builders. But both there and here the earth shook. The tsunami struck. The Fukushima power station turned into a nightmare; so did the settlements project.
The truth must be told: It was not the settlements that caused the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and stopping them will not end the conflict. But the settlements are escalating the conflict, and continuing construction in the settlements will cause Israel to lose it. So the settlements must be stopped not only for peace, but for national security. To ensure Israel's future and to save Zionism […] The radioactive cloud of illegitimacy rising from the settlements is moving toward Israel and endangering its existence." 
Ari Shavit im Kommentar "West Bank settlements are Israel's nuclear meltdown", Haaretz vom 17. März 

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