Freitag, 15. Juli 2011


"After all, it's well known that every good Jew needs at least two synagogues, one to pray in and one to boycott: He will not set foot in it under threat of death, nor cross its threshold. A congregation that does not have a few ostracized people or institutions cannot be considered a holy and mentally sound congregation; and a boycott on Shabbat is a pleasure.
It's not clear that boycotting and ostracism are a Jewish invention, but there's no question that Jews are among its outstanding developers. Some kind of demon suddenly entered this coalition, which is inciting it to deeds that are not part of Jewish nature - for that alone they deserve to be boycotted."
"Boycotts are a great jewish tradition", meint Yossi Sarid (Haaretz, 15. Juli), und das neue Anti-Boykott-Gesetz demzufolge antidemokratisch, antijüdisch und antizionistisch

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