Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011


"People need a home. People need to know where they come from. People need a place where they feel they belong, a place where, for reasons which may elude all understanding, they feel profoundly and uniquely rooted. A part of things, rather than simply and permanently apart. Some people - and there is luck in this - feel completely at home in the place they live. Others, for reasons which may have to do with the way they look or the way they talk or the reactions of other people or because of such things as family history, feel an ache that does not go away. It cannot go away, because it was made by exile. The Jews, as a people, are made of this ache. The Palestinians are as well."
Niemand habe das Recht über das Heimatgefühl eines anderen zu urteilen, schreibt Bradley Burston in seinem Blog

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