Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011


"Israeli democracy, and all its stable and shaky foundations, is not based on the idea of 'the will of the people.' Its basis is something else, something murky that, as the long years of the occupation progress, increasingly takes on a religious cast. It can even account for the brazen messianic chutzpah of the settlers and their cohorts. 'The will of Israel' does not derive from civilian, minority-majority norms, nor is it based on a constitution that guarantees minority rights and defines when a minority has the option to rise up against the government. Instead, 'the will of Israel' derives from an ultra-nationalist version of the Jewish religion. That religion long ago turned into the unofficial constitution that rules our lives. According to this vision, Israeli sovereignty derives from the sacred text."
Yitzhak Laor in einem Haaretz-Kommentar (13. Juli) zum Kampf für das Ende der Okkupation

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