Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Mehrheiten - Minderheiten

"The Arab population is on the side of democracy not because of any special genes - after all, when it comes to genes they actually suffer from serious problems - but because that's the way of the world. Deprived minorities are a force for democracy. The Jewish minorities that lived in many countries are clear evidence of this phenomenon. A deprived minority will look for democratic allies among the majority, while the democrats among the majority consider the oppressed minority an ally. That axiom does not exist here in Israel. Is it the bitter conflict that is preventing Jewish democrats from forming an alliance with the Arabs, for fear of being accused of treachery? Do the Arabs fail to explain their views adequately, with some of their representatives displaying a talent for arousing the antagonism of the majority against them even when they talk about flowers? It used to be said that the Palestinians have a just cause and a bad lawyer (...)
The rank and file Arab citizen must be given the feeling that he has a good reason to go out and vote - that he has allies. That has to be done with heads held high, not in the spirit of the Arab proverb, 'My heart desires him, but I'm ashamed of him', but in the spirit of the words uttered hundreds of years ago by Luqman Ibn Eid: 'And perhaps you have a brother to whom your mother did not give birth?'"
Oudeh Basharat im Haaretz-Kommentar (19. Juni) über fehlende Allianzen zwischen israelischen und palästinensischen Demokraten

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