Freitag, 15. Juli 2011


"National symbols rarely make much sense and much too often tend to be fetishized. The archaic embodiments of ancient traditions and aspirations are treated differently in every country, with customs that often seem bizarre to a cynical onlooker. When we research their history, we usually come up with some embarrassing details. 'Hatikva' does not really bear scrutiny (…) A national anthem is a rather absurd concept that we have to have, and we can enjoy and even respect it, as long as we don't fetishize it. Those calling for a change to the Jewish bit of 'Hatikva' are doing just that. They are fighting a worthy battle, for the real equality of rights and opportunities of Israeli Arabs and their integration into society, but changing 'Hatikva' would be an empty gesture that would not only achieve nothing for that cause, it would only give raise to holdout groups who would sanctify the old version.
"Singing 'Hatikva' every morning is not the way to strengthen Israeli patriotism", findet Anshel Pfeffer (Haaretz, 15. Juli) 

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