Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

De facto residents

"There is but one scenario that is more problematic: What will happen if this bid indeed changes nothing on the ground, as most Palestinians indeed believe? What will happen when the Palestinians realize that UN recognition doesn’t change their lives, that the settlements continue to expand, and the occupation continues? (…) If the UN bid does not yield any tangible results, the Palestinian leadership may seriously consider dissolving the Palestinian Authority, and the West Bank, once again, will be Israel’s responsibility. The implications are enormous both economically and politically. In that event, the Palestinians are then likely to turn to the UN with a new request: They will claim that after 44 years of occupation, they are de facto residents under Israeli sovereignty, and should therefore receive Israeli citizenship."
Carlo Strenger in seinem Haaretz-Blog "Strenger than fiction" (8. September) zur Uno-Kampagne der Palästinenser und dem isarelischen Umgang damit

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