Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Let’s separate

"Here, there is no room for condemnations in press releases anymore. Now, we need to take action. Just like in our personal lives, where frustration overcomes the promise inherent in a relationship, the time has come to part ways. The time has come to tell the price tag people, let’s end it. We shall not be a part of you.The fact that you and I keep the Shabbat, eat kosher and take pleasure in the Torah is no longer sufficient in order to live in the same ideological home. Perhaps we better use different names on the door too. We’ll be called 'Religious Zionism' and you’ll be called 'Fanatics.' Our women shall cover their heads, while your women shall put on a burqa. We shall adopt the moderation of Beit Hillel, while you adopt Beit Shamai. We’ll take Rabbi Yehuda Halevi while you take Rabbi Dov Lior. Let’s separate."
Einat Barzilay zu den jüngsten Angriffen radikaler Siedler auf Moscheen in der Westbank (Ynet-News, 8. September)

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